The Etisalat Credit Transfer Service

The Etisalat Credit Transfer Service allows you to transfer credit from your GSM postpiad, Wasel prepaid account and Ahlan prepaid to other prepaid accounts.

This service uses a technology called USSD, which allows you to send FREE of charge a message/command with a specific amount to the recipient mobile number



  • The convenience of having credit in your account in case you need to use it urgently, transferred within a few seconds.
  • Good for family members & friends
  • The flexibility in terms of having credit in different denominations.



How To Transfer The Balance

Transferring the credit from your mobile to another mobile is very easy and quick. Just type the following command on your Mobile Screen (not as an SMS) and press the send key:



100 = Credit Transfer Service Code

050XXXXXXX = Desired mobile number on which the amount to be transferred

32 = Amount to be transferred

SEND/OK/CALL = key to be pressed on your mobile.

Confirm/Cancel The Transfer Of Credit

After sending the request for a credit transfer, you will get a message of confirmation or cancellation of the balance transfer:

“Amount AED XX will be transferred to +97150XXXXXX , press 1 to confirm , 2 to cancel”

If you press 1 to confirm the credit transfer, the credit will be transfered immediately to the desired number. The following messages will be sent to you and the recipient.

“You have successfully transferred AED XX to mobile number +97150XXXXXXX.

“You have received AED XX from mobile number +97150XXXXXXX.”

If you press 2 to cancel the transfer, the following message will be sent to you:

Request discarded. Thanks for using our service”



This service is absolutely free or charge. There are no charges (connection, rental & usage) for using the Etisalat Credit Transfer Service. Sending the command from your mobile for a credit transfer is also free of charge.

How to Subscribe

There is no registration/subscription required to use this service. It is  available to all active mobile users.


Contact Us

Please call at 101 to our customer support representative for further information & assistance.

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  1. Doaa Mostafa says:

    please, I hope to know how do i transfer balance from Vodafone mobile number to Etisalat mobile number or any other mobile number. thanks

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